The Genesis of Genesis Adventures

Genesis Adventures was conceived in October 2001 by Brian Duncanson after his love of adventure racing led him to want to teach others about it. Eighteen people attended that first camp. After that, Brian produced a few small races on the side while continuing to work at his full-time job.

In the spring of 2002, a group in Oregon wanted a weekend adventure, and Brian jumped at the opportunity. After spending a great day kayaking, mountain biking and hiking around Mt. Hood, and hosting a mini race, he decided to do this full time.

Brian quit his job the next day and started building Genesis Adventures. Over the years, we’ve produced adventure races, triathlons, mountain bike races, running relays, road races, obstacle races, and corporate training events.

New Beginnings – Again and Again

Genesis means “new beginning”. Today, the spirit and purpose of Genesis Adventures is to give people new experiences and to challenge themselves. Every event is a new start and the beginning of a great adventure for every participant.

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